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Hotel Key

Check-out instructions

* Please leave wet items, such as towels, in the bathroom.

* VERY IMPORTANT: leave the key on a visible place upon leaving (such as a dining table), take a picture of it, and send it to us.

We have had multiple guests in the past who have lost keys or brought the key with them, even to the other side of the world), so please make sure that you leave the key in the apartment as I have new guests coming in and out every single day. These are system keys that cannot be copied.

A replacement key costs between NOK 2000 and 5500 depending on the type of key, the time and the day you lost it/brought it with you by mistake.  

If you have lost the key while visiting, please call at +47 55 60 50 30 for assistance. They can help you 24 hours a day.

Have your reservation number and the address you're staying at ready when calling us.

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