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Leilighet i loftstil

Standardized house rules and frequently asked questions for all our properties

Dear guest! You have rented a property managed by We maintain and manage more than 600 unique properties in downtown Oslo.

Please be adviced to read the house rules of the property that you booked as you accepted these particular house rules upon booking.

To make sure that the house rules are followed, there are devices inside each of our apartments measuring noise level, cigarette smoke/fire, the number of electronic devices (to count the number of persons). To protect your integrity and privacy as a guest, these devices are NOT recording any sound. You can read more about them on

Do note that there is also at least one security camera outside the apartment door that captures pictures and videoes of everyone coming and leaving. If you have booked a townhouse, there might be more cameras monitoring the outside areas of of the house.

The price list for house rule violations is to be found in the house rules at the website where you booked the property. Some of the penalties are stardardized and mentioned in the list below. Do note that this list may not be complete. 

To protect your individual rights, pictures of each room are taken with a time stamp before and after a stay has begun and ends. The camera outside the apartment door stores pictures and videoes of each individual entering and leaving the property for 7 days.

* We do not allow visitors/additional guests that were NOT paid and presented upon booking. For example, if you booked for three guests, that’s the maximum number of allowed individuals inside the apartment. It does not matter if the visitor is staying for 2 minutes or spending the night. It's much better to add the correct number of guests beforehand, rather than receiving a penalty after your stay and to have your booking canceled for rule violations. For canceled bookings, there are no refunds.

The penalty for bringing additional individuals is NOK 2500 per additional person from November 15th, 2023, until January 1st, 2024. The penalty is set to NOK 1500 for the rest of the year, excluding April 30th, May 1st, May 8th, and May 17th, and all public holidays in Norway, so-called «red days», as these dates are high-risk dates for house rule violations.

* Be considerate to the neighbors.

* Quiet hours between 10 pm and 7 am.

* We do not allow parties/events/gatherings (maximal decibel measurement during the quiet hours is 75 decibels). The penalty for loud noise is NOK 2500. Exception: You may book almost all our apartments and townhouses in downtown Oslo for an event or a party. Events are subject to a flat rate agreed on before you book.

* No indoor smoking (unless it’s a vapor/electronic cigarette). Feel free to smoke in the backyard. The penalty for indoor smoking is NOK 2500. 

Please note that if house rules are violated, we will not give any warnings. The company where you made the booking, such as Airbnb will be contacted, and your reservation will be canceled meaning that you will have to leave the property immidietely. If you will not leave voluntarily, the security company Securitas, and/or the police will be asked for assistance.

Additional fees according to the house rules, such as indoor smoking, excessice noice, theft, or broken items bringing additional individuals, will be billed after the stay has ended. So will the cost of involving Securitas.

In case you have security related questions, please reach out to us through our 24/7 live chat here on the website OR by calling the following phone number: (+47) 55 60 50 30. Our aim is always to find a solution.

There might be additional rules for the property you booked. You find these on the site where you booked, such as Airbnb or

Thank you for your understanding, and have a joyful stay!

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